Flume Ride – wildlife and fun

Just like being on a raging river, the HAFEMA Flume Ride gives your guests the feel of an adventure in the wild.

It’s the special attraction for your theme park, and the HAFEMA Flume Ride can be uniquely designed. Decide for yourself exactly what suits your requirements, including the number of boats and their capacity (of four to eight people).

Whatever option you go for, you can absolutely rely on HAFEMA quality.

Specifications: Flume Ride (example)


lift height: 6 m and 4 m

chute height: 5 m and 3 m
channel length: approx. 250 m

operating velocity: 0.5 m / s

main submersible pumps: 2 x 5.5 kW

show water pump: 2 x 1.5 kW

discharge: 1.1 m³ / sec


material: fibreglass

number: 8

passengers: 4 per boat

capacity: 480 passengers/hour

Give your guests a totally thrilling and fun ride!

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New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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