HAFEMA – impressive diversity

Whatever your concept of water rides – we will bring it into being. Discover our wide range of high-quality and innovative products!

With round boats for nine passengers, our wild raft rides / rapids ride are among the best-sellers; along with the smaller mini raft rides, which can accommodate four to six passengers, and the splash rides with their characteristic long boats. So too are the flume rides, panoramic rides / slow boat rides and combination / multi-rides, which we build with customised special effects.

Consider the HAFEMA whirlpool – action-packed water fun in the centre of a powerful vortex. Need even more thrills? Then go for our flying boats that make surfing a real rush!  … and for all those who really can’t get enough, we offer the multi-rides – by combining assorted features they give the ultimate experience!

Incidentally, all HAFEMA rides operate the patented HAFEMA conveyor system: the dry and non-slip platform ensures safe fun for everyone!

New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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