Good reasons for choosing HAFEMA

Our core business is the planning and design of innovative water rides. We design and build wild raft rides, mini raft rides, splash rides, flume rides, slow boat rides and combination rides for every requirement and all environments.

Whether it’s geysers, whirlpools, fountains, waterfalls, tidal waves or rapids – we also integrate spectacular special effects. Using extensive modeling studies and our custom-made simulation program, we implement different variations, designs and effects. Despite all the individuality, you can rely on us for the following standards:


We simulate real whitewater flow conditions – realistic and full of action.


The speed and distance between boats is automatically and precisely controlled – thanks to a patented conveyor belt, which is coupled to a computer-controlled operating system.


Automatic control allows travel times to be calculated exactly.


HAFEMA rides meet the highest safety standards – we only use extremely high quality and durable materials.


Everyone has safe and easy access on board – the dry, non-slip platform ensures that even children, disabled people and wheelchair users have a safe ride.


Maximum capacity and minimum expenditure in energy, operation and personnel – thanks to the detailed hydraulic design and efficient automatic mode.

Get ready for fun and thrills of the highest quality!

New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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