Mini Raft Ride – pure watery fun!

Ideal for small parks with limited space: the Mini Raft Ride, with boats for four to six people!

Developed by adopting the same expertise used for the larger raft rides, the Mini Raft Ride offers just as much fun – with extremely low investment and operating costs.

On request, we also integrate great special effects into the Mini Raft Ride – for rides that your guests will never forget!

Specifications: Mini Raft Ride (example)

channel length: 250 – 350 m

aluminium conveyor system
height: 2.5 – 3.0 m
operating velocity: 0.25 m/sec
main submersible pumps: 2 x 60 kW
discharge: 3 m³/sec

single cockpit boats
number: 8 – 12
passengers: 4 – 6 per boat
capacity: 480 – 720 passengers/hour

Look forward to great fun in a small space!

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New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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