HAFEMA – German quality

HAFEMA Water Rides GmbH operates internationally as a global supplier of water rides. Our water rides captivate people in over 20 theme parks across Germany, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

In 1990, HAFEMA was founded as a mechanical engineering company, and since 1992, has supplied theme park attractions. Since 2004, we have specialised in water rides. Our great success comes thanks to the “German engineering” of electrical engineer Harald Wendling and hydraulic engineer Paul Sommer who, together with their entire team, bring our philosophy to life.

We not only specialise in the sale and on-site installation of our spectacular rides; HAFEMA offers the perfect all-round service – from planning, individual design and installation, to technical support, including maintenance. You can rely on us!

New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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