Splash Ride – a jolly good drenching!

Experience the thrill of height and speed – the HAFEMA Splash Ride is an experience in itself: with a speed up to 20 metres per second, it plunges down into the trough with a mad surge of water. There's yet more action with the Double Splash, which has two spray effects in a row. It’s not only the passengers who are captivated, even the spectators hold their breath!

It’s exceptionally economical: thanks to the special hydraulics, the high-quality components of the structure minimise operating costs. Moreover, there’s room for 16 to 20 people in the single cockpit fibreglass boats.

Specifications: Double Splash (example)

lift height: 16.5 m

chute: 15.0 m

channel length: 200 m

chain conveyor system
operating velocity: 0.5 m / sec
main submersible pumps: 2 x 13 kW

discharge: 2.2 m³/sec
show water pump: 1 x 50 kW

material: fibreglass

number: 3
passengers: 20 per boat

capacity: 900 passengers/hour

Go for the big attraction: the HAFEMA Splash Ride!

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New HAFEMA rides for parks in France, China, Poland, Germany and NY


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